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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Touch Language Mobile Learning App

Looking for an app that helps you quickly and effectively learn any set of words & phrases, using innovative interactive visual/audio games? Engage your senses: Touch on words and images like they are refrigerator magnets and match them up on touch language the language translator app game for iphone and ipods.

Play 8 Learning Games + Flash Cards!
Image to Word: Touch the image that correctly matches the word
Word to Image: Touch the word that correctly matches the image.
Quiz: Select the correct multiple-choice answer that matches the word.
Word to Image Match: Match four pairs of words to their corresponding pictures.
Word To Word: Match four pairs of words.
Word Find: Touch and select the correct word hidden in a table of letters
Sentence Scramble: Arrange sentence fragments using correct word order.
Word Spell: Select the edit window to type the correct spelling of the hint provided.
Flash Cards: Swipe through cards to test your knowledge of subject. Tap the card to reveal answer.
Touch Language


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